M.A.Trabulsi & Sons Co.    

Trabulsi Co. has been founded in 1972 as an industrial

company in Syria by M.A.Trabulsi.

At that time, the company started to produce washing machines, faces and

shutters for kitchens. Later, it has been enlarged in 1992 to produce EVA

sheets and its derivatives.

In 1994, Trabulsi Co. inaugurated its commercial department to

start working with DuPont™ as an authorized distributor in Syria

for CORIAN® surfaces.

The company made another big leap in 2002 when it took

exclusive rights for distributing the products of Hettich™. Products include

furniture fittings, kitchen and bath accessories, and the magic lighting systems.


Trabulsi Co. is separated into three departments integrating each other.

These are the industry department, commercial department, and the

design department.

These departments always work with the best and for the best results.

The company’s most important point is customers satisfactory.


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