Trabulsi Co. is the authorized distributor of the DuPont™ company

for Corian® and Zodiaq® in Syria.

Our highly qualified team will help you realize any design you desire using

these great products.

Trabulsi Co. has implemented many different designs since 1995 in Syria,

including column claddings, lift floorings, shop facades, and many other

kitchen and bath works.


DuPont created Corian® more than 30 years ago.An advanced blend of

natural materials and pure acrylic polymer, Corian® is a brand that has

earned trust and respect as a proven material that brings

design versatility, long-term performance and value to any environment.


Corian® Products

Small Sinks

Large Sinks

Double Sinks

Bathroom Sinks

Corian® Sheets

Corian® AB™

Corian® Bas-Relief

Corian® TopCurve

Edges, Inlays, Etc.

    Our achievements in Syria

When you seek the ultimate in elegance and dramatic design combined

with lasting value and easy care, look to DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces.


DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces - a new category of surfacing material

that captures the radiance of quartz crystal with depth, clarity, radiance

and strength. Cool, tranquil and sparkling, Zodiaq® embraces both

nature and technology.




Corian® and Zodiaq®:

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Corian® and Zodiaq® productions,

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