Trabulsi Co. is the Middle East’s pioneer in the field of manufacturing

EVA components.


The company produces two types of EVA:

- A soft one with rubber, used in forming plastic and metallic squeegees.

This type absorbs a definite amount of water to become slithery.


- A hard one without rubber, used in making shoes and many other products.

This type does not absorb water, so it is the preferred choice for products in

touch with water, including slippers, swimming accessories, life buoy, besides

babies’ toys.

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EVA_Trolley_Bag   EVA_Board_with_Cutout_Flip_Flops
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EVA foam is a durable plastic composed of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

(EVA) resin.

Traditionally, EVA foam is used for such footwear items as slippers

and shoe insoles, related sporting goods such as yoga and karate mats,

as well as machinery cushions.

Today, with advanced manufacturing processes and new technology,

a higher grade of EVA foam materials are available. These new EVA

materials which we supply are used for toys, gifts, stationary,

households, swimming pools' floats and rafts, life buoy, educational

and handicraft items.

It is also used as waterproof coiled material.

EVA_Dice EVA_mini__bag
EVA Toys
EVA Rafts
EVA Dice
Mouse Pads

Advantages of EVA foam materials:

1) Lightweight
2) Easy to develop products using this material
3) Good weather and chemical resistance
4) Long life
5) Waterproof and oil resistant
6) Easy to clean
7) High energy absorption
8) Environmentally friendly, safe for recycling

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