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Trabulsi company is the authorised distibutor of Hettich™ international

company in Syria.

This department take up its importance by the integral scope of the company's

activities in the fields of decoration, furniture and kitchen works.

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  Hettich™ products                
1- ProDecor - handle collection     2- Magic - Lighting Systems
PreDecor - handle collection     Information Magic - Lighting Systems     Information  
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3- Processing technology 4- Hinges  
Processing technology   Information Hinges   Information
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5- Folding & sliding door fittings 6- Drawer and runner systems
Folding & sliding door fittings   Information Drawer and runner systems   Information
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7- Fitting systems for office furniture   8- Furniture lock systems
Fitting systems for office furniture   Information Furniture lock systems   Information
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9- Connecting fittings

10- Interior fittings for furniture

Connecting fittings   Information   Interior fittings for furniture   Information
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Customers are the furniture industry, furniture trades and crafts as well as

the do-it-yourself market.

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